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40% OFF Blu-ray Toolkit to Play Blu-ray Commercial Movies on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Happy Christmas Day 2014! UFUSoft announce 2014 Christmas Day Coupon Code with up to 40% off discount is being available soon. Please catch your time to get the 2014 Christmas Day Best Gift from UFUSoft . Only several Days left! All Offers expire on Jan 8, 2015! Rush to Buy!

Christmas Day 2014 is Thurday, Dec 25. This day only comes around once a year. Therefore, it’s important to find something special and unique for Christmas Day. What’s your gift choice in the past few years? A heart-shaped pendant? A bundle of flowers? A box of Chocolates? A bottle of favorite perfume? How about buying a tech-type gift for Christmas Day this year? This is Christmas Day Gift Idea from UFUSoft Studio. If you choose a computer, a tablet or a smartphone as Christmas Day gift, we do offer low prices software solutions for your family or friends to enjoy videos, TV shows, camera recordings and Blu-ray DVD movies on those devices with pleasant quality.

40% OFF UFUSoft Blu-ray Toolkit

UFUSoft Blu-ray Toolkit is powerful and all-in-one Blu-ray software, which comprises Blu-ray Player, Blu-ray Ripper, and Blu-ray Copy software. With the versatile Blu-ray package, you can play Blu-ray movie, 1080p HD video, and any media file with fluent video and image effect on Computer. It allows you to convert homemade Blu-ray to any video format for playing on android devices, ipad, iphone, xbox, psp, windows phone 8, etc and copy homemade Blu-ray to Blu-ray, backup Blu-ray disc on your PC local disc.

When playing Blu-ray movie, you can choose any title/chapter you want to watch and adjust the video and audio effect. When copying Blu-ray, you can choose the copy mode like “Full copy”, “Main movie”, “Clone”, and “Write Data”. When Ripping the Blu-ray, you can edit the movie effect to make it perfect.

For more information, please click: 2014 UFUSoft Christmas Day Promotion .

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